Family Style began life as a loosely-knit collective of cartoonists and other and other crafty types working out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, Family Style has grown into a full-fledged small-press publishing house, producing an exciting mix of comics, zines, and anthologies.

Family Style was born in early 2004 when our eleven founding members created "Family Style Jamboree," our original flagship title. We were dedicated to colaboration, community, throwing lavish release parties, and talking trash about each other.

Over time, some of our collective's members left the fold to pursue a variety of other creative projects (everything from making music to having babies!). Meanwhile, other Family Style members have continued to produce intriguing and unique small-press publications, including Ochre Ellipse by Jonas Madden-Connor, Friends by Francois Vigneault, and The Science by Sarah Gion.

Now, with the publication of the fantasy anthology Elfworld and the upcoming non-fiction comics quarterly Big Picture, we are proud to bring you work from an expanding family of established and emerging artists from all over the world. This is an exciting time for us. We love being a small publisher with big ideas, and we hope you will come and visit with us often.