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Family Style is proud to be publishing the long-awaited "Elfworld" Vol. 1 in Spring of 2007!

"Elfworld" was the brainchild of indie-comics superstar Jeffrey Brown; an anthology of fantasy-themed comics by a wide range of alternative, independent, and self-published cartoonists. Although there was a lot of interest in the comics community and tons of submissions poured in, Brown found himself deluged by his more pressing assignments, and unfortunately "Elfworld" was put on the back burner for what promised to be an indefinite time.

At this year's Alternative Press Expo, young cartoonist (and member of the Family Style artistic collective) François Vigneault bought a copy of "The Basilisk" by Kazimir Strzepek. "He told me that he had originally drawn it for Jeffrey Brown's anthology, which was actually the first time I had heard of it," says Vigneault. "My first thought was that I wanted to contribute to it, but then Kaz told me that Jeffrey wasn't ever going to do it, so I had the audacious thought of editing and publishing it myself. I approached Jeffrey and asked him if he was planning to finish "Elfworld", and if not, if I could have it. 'What's your address?' was his response!"

The first volume of "Elfworld" will consist almost entirely of submissions created for Jeffrey Brown's original anthology and selected by François Vigneault. The 96 page, black-and-white book will feature fantasy-themed stories from over a dozen artists from across the indie-comics spectrum: Jeferey Brown, Martin Cendera, Erik Nebel & Jesse Reklaw, Matt Weigle & Sean Collins, Ron Regé Jr. & Souther Salazar, Grant Reynolds, Liz Prince, K. Thor Jensen, Jason Overby, Ansis, Dalton Sharp, Jason & Jody Turner, and Dave McKenna. There will also be a new, fully-painted cover by Jesse Reklaw. The book will be designed by Jonas Madden-Connor (another member of the Family Style collective).

The stories range from lyrically beautiful to absurdly funny, and each author approaches the fantasy-inspired subject matter in a unique and often unusual manner; the overall result is a book that's sure to please those who love the fantasy genre outright, those for whom it's a guilty pleasure (old D&D manuals hidden away in their closets?), and anyone with an appreciation for independent comics. "It seems like the perfect time for this kind of project," says Vigneault. "Jonas [Madden-Connor] and I have been working on our own fantasy collaboration for almost a year now, and I feel like I keep seeing new work that has a sort of fantastic bent, everything from "Basewood" by Alec Longstreth to "Crickets" by Sammy Harkham. It's like everyone's on the same wavelength."

François Vigneault is currently soliciting submissions for "Elfworld" Vol. 2 (currently planned for 2008), and Family Style intends to publish another book annually thereafter.

Volume One • Spring of 2007

The long-awaited indie-comics fantasy anthology is here! 100+ pages of sword & sorcery sprung from the minds of:

Jeffrey Brown
Martin Cendera
K. Thor Jensen
Dave McKenna
Erik Nebel & Jesse Reklaw
Jason Overby
Liz Prince
Ron Regè, Jr. & Souther Salazar
Grant Reynolds
Dalton Sharp
Kazimir Strzepek
Jason Turner & Jody Turner
Matt Wiegle & Sean Collins

Compiled by Jeffrey Brown
Edited by François Vigneault
Designed by Jonas Madden-Connor

Now accepting submissions for Elfworld Vol. 2, out in 2007!
For more info, contact François.

To purchase Elfworld, please see our catalog page.

Jeffrey Brown has yet to write any autobiographical comics about his nerdy, D&D-loving, Tolkien-reading, Magic-card collecting days of youth. He looks like a big Hobbit.

Martin Cendreda is a continuing contributor to MOME and also has a new continuing series titled Sublife, both published by Fantagraphics.

Sean Collins has written about comics and popular culture for Wizard, The Comics Journal, Stuff, Giant, Complex, WWE, and the A&F Quarterly. His comics have been published at He lives on Long Island with his wife and their cats.

K. Thor Jensen lives in New York City with his wife and their dog, cat, and unborn child. The child will probably be born soonish. His graphic novel, Red Eye, Black Eye, is in stores now.

Dave McKenna s comics have appeared in House of Twelve, Mauled!, and Legal Action Comics. He dwells inside an enchanted Roger Dean poster in the mystickal land of New York City.

Erik Nebel recently finished writing and drawing a 234 page graphic novel called Happy Birthday. His next project is a graphic novel adaptation of War and Peace. Erik believes that if Tolstoy were alive today, he'd be big, big comic-book fan.

Jason Overby lives with his wife and their cat in Portland, Oregon. He works on comics all the time, but he's generally too lazy to scan them in and print them out.

Liz Prince has been drawing comics ever since she was in 3rd grade. Her first full length book is Will You Still Love Me If I Wet the Bed? (Top Shelf Productions).

Ansis Purins is an artist who resides in the ancient port town known as Boston. A freelance illustrator who's clients include Wheelhouse Pickles, he self publishes the comic series Zombre and Duppy.

Ron Regè, Jr. lives in Los Angeles, where he has been playing drums in a musical group called Lavender Diamond. Their debut LP will be released in May 2007. His most recent books are "The Awake Field", and "Skibber Bee~Bye" from D&Q, as well as Yeast Hoist 12 from Buenaventura Press.

Jesse Reklaw has been drawing the self-syndicated, weekly comic strip Slow Wave since 1995. It's currently printed by ten newspapers around the United States, and online at Currently he is working on a comics memoir, one chapter of which was published in the 2006 Best American Comics by Houghton-Mifflin.

Grant Reynolds lives in Chicago and is a regular contributor to The Skeleton News, a monthly underground paper. His books Smaller Parts , To the Mouth of the Source , and M'Lady Serene  are available through Short Pants Press.

Souther Salazar lives and works in Los Angeles.His many works include the children s book Destined for Dizziness (Buenaventura Press).

Dalton Sharp works on his comic Love is Lava. He is a member of The Crown Commission. He lives in Toronto.

Kazimir Strzepek RACE: Higher Nerd DIETY: None ALIGNMENT: Neutral Chaotic STR:7 INT:13 WIS:14 DEX:13 CON:10 CHR:14 SKILLS: Jump +4 Handle Animal +2 Drawing +1 Bicycles +1 Tetris +3 BACKGROUND: Kazimir was raised by Owlbears and draws Mourning Star put out by Bodega Books.

Jason Turner & Jody Turner are Canadian brothers, born in Manitoba, but spent most of their lives lived in Ontario. Jody builds props for television and movies in Toronto. Jason works crappy day jobs in Vancouver and recently had his first graphic novel, True Loves, published by New Reliable Press. When the brothers are in the same place they sometimes write goofy comics together.

François Vigneault has recently converted his alignment from Chaotic Good to Lawful Neutral, much to his chagrin. He draws the comic Friends and lives in San Francisco.

Matt Wiegle lives in Brooklyn and draws things. He is responsible forthe mini-comics "Ayaje's Wives," "The Ghosts," "The Four Husbands" and "Seven More Days Of Not Being Eaten." He is a member of the Partyka comics collective.