Saturday, July 21, 2007

· 36 Views of Sutro Tower (Dolores Park in July)

Finally really getting started with this big project! As I mentioned in a previous post, ever since I first moved to San Francisco I've wanted to do a series of illustrations: "36 Views of Sutro Tower," (inspired, of course, by the incomparable Hokusai) as I've often been struck by how often that ubiquitous landmark will pop into view behind various everyday scenes here... A restful (yet unnatural!) background presence underscoring and countering what is going on in the foreground view. A month ago, I found a postcard book of Henri Rivere's "36 Views of the Eiffel Tower", which was an even greater inspiration, given the similarities of our subject matter (with the great exception of the Eiffel Tower being so truely magnificent on its own; the Sutro Tower is a bit ungainly in comparison!).

So, I have re-started the project with a renewed vigor. I liked Rivere's limited color palette, so I am planning on sticking with that. I'm very pleased to have this vehicle to explore my wonderful city and its environs.

The above scene is in Dolores Park in July... I happily ran into my friend Aliza, who obliged me by being my model.


Blogger elly j said...

heya. this is so gorgeous. i love sutro tower and i'm planning on getting a tattoo of it soon. where are your other illustrations of the tower? maybe i can use portions of them for art for my tat. <3

1:18 PM  
Blogger Kenan Farrell said...

Great idea. I love Sutro Tower...have you made any progress on this project? I'd like to see the finished art.

9:40 AM  

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